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Wills & Estates

Do you need help in preparing a will or handling a loved one's estate? We can help.

       When a Pennsylvania resident dies, their property and assets (collectively known as the “estate”) are subject to Pennsylvania probate laws that dictate their collection and distribution. There are many factors involved in the Pennsylvania probate system, including estate size, value, and complications such as the number and type of heirs. Before any individual is legally eligible to take possession of the assets of an estate (known as the Executor or if female, Executrix), he or she must have authorization by the Court to do so. This authority is granted by the Register of Wills in a document called letters testamentary after the will has been probated. If there was no will left by the decedent, then the Register of Wills will appoint a person known as an Administrator who will then be authorized to administer the estate. It is the duty and obligation of the personal representative (either executor or administrator) to protect estate assets. It may be necessary to review many documents (insurance policies, bills, motor vehicle titles, employee benefit information, business agreements, recent income tax returns, medical or disability insurances, bonds, stocks, and numerous other sources). At its most basic level, the probate process in Pennsylvania involves two steps: paying estate debts and transferring any assets to estate beneficiaries. The personal representative will be responsible to: Assemble all the decedent's assets; Pay the bills (funeral expenses, creditors, taxes, and general administration expenses); Distribute any assets that are left over according to Pennsylvania Law. Our attorneys have the trusted experience you need to guide you efficiently through the probate process and other estate matters. Since 1970 we have helped clients with all estate matters including Will preparation, Trust creation, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills and representation throughout the Estate Probate process.

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