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After the Accident, Get the Most You Deserve

After sustaining injuries from car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle crash, the resulting problems you'll face from your injuries and time away from work extend well beyond the challenges of your current physical pain. By choosing the personal injury lawyers at Higgins & Walters LLC of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we take care of the problems you encounter in the aftermath of a serious accident so you can concentrate on getting back on your feet faster.

Car Accident Protection Beyond the Accident

To learn how an experienced and attentive attorney can help you deal with the consequences of a car accident or other motor vehicle collision, contact our office in Stroudsburg for a free consultation about your injury claims and all of the complications you've run into since your accident. While we're investigating the circumstances of your accident and preparing your claims for money damages, we are also here to help with associated problems such as:

• Verifying Complete & Accurate Diagnosis of Injuries
• Overcoming Obstacles from Insurance Company
• Obtaining Coverage for Treatment and Medication
• Receiving Second Medical Opinions
• Dealing with Creditors after Interruptions in Your Income
• Filing & Monitoring Your Workers Compensation Claim (If You Suffered Your Accident on the Job)

Creating a Clear, Concise, & Powerful Message

You'll benefit from our ability to present money-damage claims through medical and vocational experts in terms that insurance companies and trial juries can clearly understand. Eliminating the jargon is critical in allowing everyone to understand exactly what's at stake.

Injuries on the Job - Time Is of the Essence

When you can no longer work through the pain, let workers' compensation work for you with help from Higgins & Walters LLC in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. Hiring a workers' comp attorney you can trust allows you to concentrate on your recovery, while you leave the legal services to us.

The Law at Work for You

The Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation Act (2010) provides benefits to workers injured on the job or who have an occupational disease regardless of who was at fault. However, you must act quickly to report your claim to your employer. Pennsylvania law says that you must notify your employer within 120 days after the work-related injury, illness, or disease or it will be too late to file your claim.

Workers' Compensation Benefits:

• Weekly Compensation to the Disabled Worker
• Reasonable, Necessary, & Related Hospital, Surgical, & Medical
• Specific Loss Benefits for Loss of Use of Extremities & Other Such
Death Benefits & Burial Expenses to a Deceased Worker's Dependents
• Death Benefits & Burial Expenses to a Deceased Worker's Dependents

Ability to Work Notice

The law also allows employers to attempt to send you back to work after your work injury if the employer's doctor releases you to go back to work. However, if you or your doctor do not believe you are able to return to work, you have the right to challenge this attempt by your employer.

If you are receiving workers' compensation benefits and you receive a Notice of Ability to Return to Work form, you should immediately contact a lawyer to discuss your situation. Do not wait until it is too late.

Settle Your Workers' Claim

The law also allows you to settle your workers' compensation claim with your employer after a judge approves such settlement. If interested in settling your claim once and for all, contact our office for a free consultation to weigh the pros and cons as we discover what it may be worth to you.